Month: August 2009

See you at the Fan Expo!

Fan Expo Canada

Fan Expo Canada

Work is done, and I’m heading home. Tomorrow morning I’m going to set the framing guys up with what we want them to do…and then I’m off to Toronto for 3 fun filled days and nights at Fan Expo Canada, hanging with my nerdly brothers and sisters.

Check out the All New Comics Twitter account for frequent updates. I’m going to try to post pictures from my iPhone all weekend if I can, and of course I’ll update the fun here over the weekend.

The Belly Off plan (part 2)

About a year ago I set off on my Belly Off Plan…unfortunately what I didn’t know then was that having 2 kids is like 1000000000 times tougher than just one. Seriously, who knew? Plus I started a massive project that’s taken about a sixteen months to complete from the time I started really getting into it.

Combine the two factors and I found it really hard to get to the gym, and my motivation to eat better was pretty poor.

All in all though, in that year I’ve managed to stay roughly where I was a year ago…so that’s probably good news.

However last week I challenged my co-worker CJ who’s recently been motivated to lose weight, to a “belly off competition”. While we haven’t figured out what the penalties or rewards will be, right now it’s all about measurements and goal settings.

To that end we launched “The Belly Off Weblog“, to track our progress. We did our initial measurements, and we’re under way.

Let the skinniest man win!

All New Comics’ almost acquisition

The latest version of All New Comics

The latest version of All New Comics

A couple of weeks ago I posted to Twitter that we were working on a huge deal that I was really excited about.

Peter and I had an opportunity come out of nowhere which would have allowed us to buy a competitor outright for a fairly small amount of money. I was excited about their website as I really want to move All New Comics forward, but haven’t had the time, and I was excited to post a big press release saying that we had made a major acquisition.

Sadly, I didn’t get to make that announcement.

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