Month: December 2009

70 Minute Review of The Phantom Menace

Ooooo, Foreshadowing!

Ooooo, Foreshadowing!

Okay, we all know that The Phantom Menace was a bad movie. But WHY was it a bad movie? This dude explores the minute details of what sucked over the course of seven 10 minute clips…and they’re fascinating, while still being funny (inappropriate, curse filled in some points, but freaking hilarious).

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Movie Review: Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar

This has been a big year for movies. There was a lot of really good stuff. Star Trek set the bar of how good Sci Fi could be and rejuvinated a tired franchise. The Hurt Locker set new standards for what tension could be. Inglorious Basterds reinvented the war movie. UP showed us that even when the concept is baffling on paper, Pixar can make it work (seriously, who expected a movie with a cranky old dude as the main protagonist to be an action adventure flick?).

It was also a year where special effects became boring. I sat through both GI Joe and Transformers, and was pretty much bored the entire time.  Both Stephen Somers and Michael Bay have forgotten that in order for action to have impact, you need pauses for the audience to catch up.

James Cameron finally showed us what he’s been working on for the last decade and a half, and while the story itself is a rehash of existing material…the technology he showcased and the art direction entirely redefined movies as we know them, and made me a believer in 3D which up until now was a weird gimmick I had little interest in looking at.

I could go on at length about how beautiful it was, how Cameron once again pushed technology to its’ limits, or how 3D may be the silver bullet that kills movie piracy.

Instead of that I’ll tease you with one word.

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Top 50 Comic Book Runs 30-21

Did I fall asleep? At least for a little while. I’ve forgotten about a bunch of stuff lately, and I’ve got about a dozen half finished posts on my blog here including my Top 40 Comic Runs stuff. I’m back though, here’s another crop of 10 titles (21-30).

Other entries in the recently renamed “Top 50 Comic Runs” are:

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My Comics for November 2009

Copper collected

Copper collected

I put out our monthly email about the great new stuff that we’ve added to All New Comics and I’m this is what I’m adding to my own Comics Pull List.

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