Kimbo vs Big Country – Round by Round

I’ve been pretty jazzed about tonight’s “Ultimate Fighter” ever since last week’s show.  The entire season has been built around Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, even though he’s hardly the strongest fighter on the series.  He’s definately the most marketable.  The favourite to win right now is Roy “Big Country” Nelson, so of course when Rashad… Continue reading Kimbo vs Big Country – Round by Round

My first Intuos sketch

I bought an Intuos 3 on Friday (off Kijiji), and spent a little bit of time Friday night playing around with it. I had a Graphire for years, but I lost the pen a while ago, and I had heard there was a big difference between the Intuos line and the Graphires.  Turns out they… Continue reading My first Intuos sketch

Customized or Scalable?

During my day job I’m confronted on an hourly basis with requests for small improvements that people want to make to the website in order to be more personal. Add “My Account Rep”, only show them content they own, put their name on the page, remember what they last searched, show them the most popular… Continue reading Customized or Scalable?

Fan Expo in review

August 28th to 30th was the annual Fan Expo Canada (yeah…almost two weeks ago!), and once again All New Comics was there. Initial reports have the attendance pegged at 59,000 people, and I’ve gotta say…it sure looked like about that many people to me. I got there Friday afternoon (after being busy Friday morning with… Continue reading Fan Expo in review