Bad Usability: College of Nurses of Ontario

College of Nurses of Ontario
Not a bad looking site at all

My mom asked me to help her register with the College of Nurses of Ontario, it was a pretty clean website, and looked like a decent user experience, so I figured why not.  Well, after struggling through their website, I decided to whip off a letter to them to expresss my displeasure in the usability of some key areas of their site.

This is that letter.

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This is my stupid wrist

My Broken Wrist
I am Brian's Broken Wrist

Three weeks ago today I broke my right wrist playing hockey.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Three weeks ago today I broke my right wrist falling on the ice.

I wish the story was as good as “I was playing hockey, and I went for the puck, and somehow broke my wrist.” I wish I could say “During a chippy play, a stick came down on my wrist and it really hurt.”, maybe I could even say “Joel (Info-Tech’s CEO) cross checked me from behind with such force that I crashed into the boards and broke my wrist in two places.”.

I WISH I could say that, but that didn’t happen.

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Superman Earth One Review

Superman Earth One
Superman Earth One

DC Comics announced nearly a year ago that they would be creating a series of stand alone graphic novels about the major heroes in the DCU, and appropriately enough they started it off with Superman Earth One.

Written by J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by Shane Davis with colours by Sandra Hope, Superman Earth One is a modern retelling of the Superman Mythos.

For those of you wondering, Superman Earth One is in stock on All New Comics, although you should grab a copy quickly as it has sold out at the publisher and distributor level.

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New Comics Preview for December 2010

Let Me In
Dark Horse Comics Let Me In

Here’s a little peek at what’s shipping in December from publishers big and small. As always, make sure you get your pre-orders in to All New Comics as soon as possible to ensure you get everything you’re looking for.

DC Comics: The Batman Hush – Unwrapped Deluxe Edition HC presents all 320 pages of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s awesome Hush story featuring Lee’s artwork in pencil form. If you’re a fan of art, this is a book for you, $39.99.

There are a pair of slighly off the wall Green Lantern specials this holiday season with both the Green Lantern Larfleeze Christmas Special, and Green Lantern Plastic Man Weapons of Mass Deception.

Marvel – There’s a brand new Heroes for Hire group in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine, the Best There Is, a brand new series starring everyone’s favourite Canucklehead. There’s three more Chaos War one-shots this month with the all new Chaos War X-Men, Chaos War Ares, and Chaos War God Squad stories telling the tale of Marvel’s pantheon going rogue.

Finally, for those looking for a good workout, check out Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus HC, 1192 mortal crushing pages of Simonson greatness, including Frog Thor! $125.00

Dark Horse: Let Me In: Crossroads, a prequel to the film of the same name. The new Conan series is called Conan: Road of Kings.

Image – There’s a new underwater superhero from Image in MarineMan, while The Art of Todd McFarlane The Devil’s In the Details HC, it’s 300 pages of McFarlane art for $64.99. This will be limited to only 5000 copies, so make sure you pre-order this one.

Other Publishers: Stan Lee’s Boom Studios superhero universe continues with Stan Lee’s Starborn, The Lady Death revival gets underway with an all new Lady Death #0, 90’s independant superhero darlings Next Men get a new lease on life from IDW with the all new John Byrne’s Next Men series, and Green Hornet’s revival continues to be collected with Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet V2 144 page HC from Dynamite collecting issues #6-10.

After the jump…the big fat list!

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New Comics Previews for November 2010

Dark Knight

Well, it’s the end of September, which of course means we at All New Comics are thinking about November’s comics.  There’s loads coming out, and there’s plenty of stuff to stock up on.  From the end of my favourite series of Hardcovers (Starman Volume 6 comes out this month, putting a bow on the Starman series), to some new Bat Titles.  There’s something for everyone this month.

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Bollocks! Or How Not To Get a Vasectomy


Vasectomy is a simple procedure. It involves a small incision (or puncture if using the “no scalpel technique”), and then the vas deference is crushed, tied, or cauterized to prevent the release of sperm into the semen.  It’s one of the most successful methods of birth control, and the operation itself is relatively uncomplicated, usually taking about 15 minutes.

My doctor recommended an older urologist, who had tons of experience. He said the doctor in question was semi retired, but still did it twice a week.  He extolled the virtues of this Doctor’s success ratio (my doctor having referred many folks in the past), and told me this guy practices the “no scalpel” technique, and has done a ton of these (upwards of 20,000).

Awesome, book the appointment.

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Kindle first thoughts

The 3rd Generation Kindle
The Kindle 3

When the new WiFi Kindles were announced last month, I placed an order for one. I’ve been slowly transitioning from dead tree editions to electronic books for a while now (all but comics, which I’m still buying analogue style for now). Physically owning objects is more of a hassle than it’s worth to be honest, I’d rather have stuff electronically.

All in, it came to $165.56 (exchange, taxes, shipping, and duty).  When it arrived I was amazed by the packaging, and the size of the thing.

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Comics previews for October 2010

Bruce Wayne the Road Home
Bruce Wayne the Road Home

It’s August, so if you’re like me, you’re planning for your son’s birthday, your anniversary, your own birthday, and your wife’s birthday…which all fall in October.

No?  Just me then?  Okay, well then you’re probably thinking about the wonderful new comics that will be released in October (which we need to get pre-orders for in at All New Comics really quickly).

Here’s a bunch of stuff that looks really good for October 2010.

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Where were the comics at Comicon?

The New Guardians
The New Guardians

San Diego ComicCon happened last weekend, and while there was a ton of really great movie and TV news, comic stories were pretty lacking.

The big two players, Marvel and DC didn’t announce ANYTHING big this weekend. No major Green Lantern stories, no big Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor stories…not even a big Spider-Man story.  Marvel’s big story was a single slide with the CrossGen sigil (the company which was bought from bankruptcy by Marvel’s parent company Disney a few years back).

The indies didn’t fare much better other than Oni Press who used the buzz created by Scott Pilgrim to introduce the world to the rest of their titles.

So what would I expect to come out of the world’s biggest comic convention?  Read on fair reader, and I will Monday morning quarterback this bad boy for you.

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