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Why the Olympics finally mattered to me

The Olympic Flame in Vancouver
The Olympic Flame shot by my TSN buddy Danny Celia

I worked for the Sports Network for just over a decade (with a little 18 month sojourn to other places thrown in there), in that time I worked through four Olympics.  I arrived at TSN just in time for Nagano Japan, and I was away for Sydney Australia, but there for Salt Lake City USA, Athens Greece, and Turin Italy.

We made some cool apps, and always had great traffic around the time of the games.  TSN was a broadcast partner for Australia through Turin, so we had a lot of really great access.

However, in all that time, I was never as into an Olympics as this year.

About Me

Vegas baby, Vegas

A view of the Las Vegas Strip
Looking at the Las Vegas strip from the Palms

A couple of weeks ago my buddy Ryan and I went to Vegas.  It’s my sixth trip there since my first one in 2001 (and my fourth trip there with Ryan).  Expectations were high after my most recent trip to Vegas two years ago (with Char and the Info-Tech crew), and the time before that with Ryan and John for UFC 52 being pretty much legendary (including the best run of Craps luck we’ve ever had).

The entire time we were in Vegas we were searching for the legendary night that would make it all come alive again…but it never came.  Looking back on it, and I think we were trying so hard to have a great time that we may have overlooked the ridiculous fun we were having.

Movies and TV

Avatar Review from the Phantom Menace reviewer

James Cameron's Avatar

A while back I posted a bunch of videos from Red Letter Media which comprised a 70 minute review of The Phantom Menace.  He’s back with an 18 minute review of Avatar, and while his quick wit, and strange-sub narrative are present in these videos as well, the review itself misses the mark in a few places.