Our Lady Peace rocks London

Our Lady Peace in London
Raine Maida of OLP under the spotlight

Last night Char and I went to see Our Lady Peace do their first of two shows here in London. The shows are a pretty cool concept, the first night they play the entire 1997 album Clumsy, and on the second night they play the entire 2000 album Spiritual Machines.

After reading some pretty good reviews of the shows in Toronto at Massey Hall on Friday and Saturday, I was pretty pumped about the show here. Clumsy is one of my favourite albums of the 90’s, and it was released during a pivotal time in my life when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

I’ve seen Our Lady Peace twice before. Once at Edgefest (or Lolapalooza), and once in London at the Western Fair.  Both shows were pretty good, but last night’s rocked the house.


The Most Valuable Comics I Own

My Most Valuable Comics
An array of Kaylin's comics

Last week I got an email from a prospective new customer for All New Comics asking what condition our comics come in.  My business partner Peter prides himself on the way he ships stuff, he puts each comic in a bag and board, wraps a bunch of them together in a bag, puts that bag in a layer of bubble wrap, then puts the bundles of bagged, boarded, bagged, and bubbled comics in a box, fills that box with a bunch of packing paper and ships them out.  My comics always arrive perfectly, and we’ve only had about three complaints in the five years we’ve been in business (for literally thousands of orders).  Not shabby.

This customer however wanted to know what “CGC Grade” our comics were in, because if they were less than a 9.9 he wasn’t interested in our books.

This is a market I’m not interested in at all, so I told him he should probably get his comics from a brick and mortar store where he can go through a stack of comics and find the ones that meet his exact standards as it’s not something we’re very good at.  We ship out good comics with no obvious dents or dings, but what we deliver meets the qualifications of  “mint to near mint”.

  • The Cover has: No creases, no fading, lies flat and has no rolls or curves
  • The Spine: is straight, staples exhibit no signs of rust, minor bindery tears are acceptable no more than 1/16th of an inch.
  • Inside: pages have no stains, marks, cuts or tears.
  • Overall: The comic should look like new.
Movies and TV

Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

I’ve been very lax in my blog this year.  I’ve got a half dozen “year end” and “preview” type posts from January that I never scheduled to be published, so the next couple of weeks will be a bit of a clearing house of stuff that I’m moving from Draft to Published.

2009 turned out to be a fantastic year for movies. Not only were box office records broken, but at least ten amazing flicks were released in 2009, with about 10 more top notch movies also coming out.

One of the crappy things about living in London is that we don’t get the smaller films, and even middle of the road openings will only be here for a couple of weeks (see “Moon” and “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasiss” as examples). The good thing is that of the 41 screens in London, the same half dozen movies are playing in all six theatres.

Sooooo, there’s a good chance I’ll never get to see most of these movies in theatres.  However it’s a great list, and it’s chock full of trailers!