New Comics Previews for November 2010

Dark Knight

Well, it’s the end of September, which of course means we at All New Comics are thinking about November’s comics.  There’s loads coming out, and there’s plenty of stuff to stock up on.  From the end of my favourite series of Hardcovers (Starman Volume 6 comes out this month, putting a bow on the Starman series), to some new Bat Titles.  There’s something for everyone this month.

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Bollocks! Or How Not To Get a Vasectomy


Vasectomy is a simple procedure. It involves a small incision (or puncture if using the “no scalpel technique”), and then the vas deference is crushed, tied, or cauterized to prevent the release of sperm into the semen.  It’s one of the most successful methods of birth control, and the operation itself is relatively uncomplicated, usually taking about 15 minutes.

My doctor recommended an older urologist, who had tons of experience. He said the doctor in question was semi retired, but still did it twice a week.  He extolled the virtues of this Doctor’s success ratio (my doctor having referred many folks in the past), and told me this guy practices the “no scalpel” technique, and has done a ton of these (upwards of 20,000).

Awesome, book the appointment.


Kindle first thoughts

The 3rd Generation Kindle
The Kindle 3

When the new WiFi Kindles were announced last month, I placed an order for one. I’ve been slowly transitioning from dead tree editions to electronic books for a while now (all but comics, which I’m still buying analogue style for now). Physically owning objects is more of a hassle than it’s worth to be honest, I’d rather have stuff electronically.

All in, it came to $165.56 (exchange, taxes, shipping, and duty).  When it arrived I was amazed by the packaging, and the size of the thing.