Bad Usability: College of Nurses of Ontario

College of Nurses of Ontario
Not a bad looking site at all

My mom asked me to help her register with the College of Nurses of Ontario, it was a pretty clean website, and looked like a decent user experience, so I figured why not.  Well, after struggling through their website, I decided to whip off a letter to them to expresss my displeasure in the usability of some key areas of their site.

This is that letter.

About Me

This is my stupid wrist

My Broken Wrist
I am Brian's Broken Wrist

Three weeks ago today I broke my right wrist playing hockey.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Three weeks ago today I broke my right wrist falling on the ice.

I wish the story was as good as “I was playing hockey, and I went for the puck, and somehow broke my wrist.” I wish I could say “During a chippy play, a stick came down on my wrist and it really hurt.”, maybe I could even say “Joel (Info-Tech’s CEO) cross checked me from behind with such force that I crashed into the boards and broke my wrist in two places.”.

I WISH I could say that, but that didn’t happen.