The Lost Finale

Lost was a phenomenon, it was one of the rare shows which refused to dumb itself down for the audience. It built a deep mythology, and had an incredible back, front, and side story. While the show faltered a little bit in the second and third seasons, it rebounded quite amazingly in the fourth season, and… Continue reading The Lost Finale

Book Review: Horns

Joe Hill has given me hope. It’s been years since I’ve actually finished a fiction book.  I read quite a bit, but most of it is non-fiction, gripping things like Re-Work, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, Web Analytics; An Hour A Day, and the absolutely spellbinding Sharepoint Server 2007 Best Practices! Horns is the best book… Continue reading Book Review: Horns

A killer app for comics?

httpv:// I had an opportunity to get my hands on an iPad today when Mark at work brought his in for some Info-Tech show and tell.  Steve Jobs has declared it a “Magical Device”. Arthur C Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Well in that respect, the iPad is magic.… Continue reading A killer app for comics?

This…is my masterpiece

I love a good April Fools day joke. I was a part of a number of them at TSN (my recurring “Sid Drake” character was continually making appearances in the WWF in the late 90’s), and I’ve pulled a couple of doozies on my own websites over the years (including last year’s), but for this… Continue reading This…is my masterpiece

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Our Lady Peace rocks London

Last night Char and I went to see Our Lady Peace do their first of two shows here in London. The shows are a pretty cool concept, the first night they play the entire 1997 album Clumsy, and on the second night they play the entire 2000 album Spiritual Machines. After reading some pretty good… Continue reading Our Lady Peace rocks London

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