My Favourite Books for 2011

This was the year that I bought, sold, and then re-bought a Kindle.  I have an iPad, which I really love, but the Kindle is absolutely the best way to read books.  I’d say this  year I’ve started to read more books than ever before, but when you’re only paying $.99 – $2.99, I find that you take more chances, and give up more easily.

With that said, there were a handful of books this year that I really loved, and that make my “Best of the year” list.

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This is My Next, Well What Exactly?

2011 marked several significant milestones for me. I turned 40, Charlene and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, December marks 5 years at Info-Tech for me, our basement, begun October 2009 will finally be fully finished Also, my hands-on, day-to-day involvement with All New Comics ended. It’s been six years since I joined up with Peter … Read more

What Matters to Me at Work

This year I turned 40, and I looked at a lot of different things in my life.  One of them that I focused the most on was what was meaningful work to me.  I spend 8-12 hours a day working for someone who isn’t me, and in those 8-12 hours I need to do things … Read more

My DIG 2011 Web Stream Overview

Jeffery Zeldman at DIG
Jeffery Zeldman at DIG

The DIG (Digital Interactive Gaming) conference in London Ontario added a Web Development stream this year to compliment the gaming streams. With an opening keynote by Jeffery Zeldman’ and a closing one by Derek Featherstone, there was world class content being offered in my own home town. These are my slightly edited notes which I took during the talks. There’s some great insight in here, and some really cool links for reference later.

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A beautiful life – The passing of Steve Jobs

Today the world is a little less beautiful, because yesterday, Steve Jobs died. I have no profound story of how I met Mr. jobs, or how I’ve used his products for decades, the truth is I hated every experience with a Mac I’d ever had until a couple of years ago (except for editing…Macs always … Read more

How to Create an Online PVR

About six months ago my MediaSmart Home Server started acting strangely.  I did quite a bit of research and my conclusion was that the new software I installed about a year ago (which gave it a ton more functionality) was kind of bloated for the underpowered hardware. What to do?  I love my home server, … Read more

Comic Sales You’re Doing It Wrong

I still get my comics from All New Comics, but because I get quite a bit less than I used to they come at the end of the month. There was quite a bit of press about Grant Morrison’s Action Comics #1 (buy it now at All New Comics), and after reading some of the reviews … Read more

HP Doesn’t Know What It Wants To Be

I’ve been a bit of an HP fanboy for a while.  I have an 8 year old HP laser printer that I love, a 4 year old HP pavilion that still runs great, an HP Media Smart Home Server, and this year I bought my wife an HP laptop, and a new colour laser jet printer…so … Read more

Justice League #1 Review The New 52 Starts Here

DC Comics New 52 got its start a week early with Justice League #1, launching the brand new DC Universe, which spins out of the events in Flashpoint #5. Written by DC Comics Creative Director Geoff Johns and DC Comics Co-Publisher (and the man in charge of DC’s digital initiative) Jim Lee, Justice League #1 (buy … Read more

Fan Expo The 2011 Edition

This past weekend was Fan Expo Canada, and while I’ve gone every year for the last 4 years as a retailer, and before that had been to nearly every show for the better part of a decade (with a couple of exceptions), this year it didn’t look like I’d be able to go. I’m in … Read more