Rob Granito – vile villain who violates!

A couple of weeks ago, comic nerd-dom (particularly comic artist fanboys) collectively FREAKED THE HECK OUT when the discovery of one Rob Granito was made by Rich Johnston.  Johnston, who has an amazing track record of whipping the masses into pitchfork wielding frenzies, called Granito out on his ridiculous resume and his obviously swiped portfolio. This… Continue reading Rob Granito – vile villain who violates!

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My iPad 2 review

The iPad has been out for a year now, and while I enjoyed playing with one when it first came out, I didn’t pick one up. I’m what’s traditionally known as an “early adopter”. I built my first PVR in 2003. I bought a TiVo on eBay and hacked it to work in Canada in… Continue reading My iPad 2 review