Best Comics of 2012

This was the year that I went entirely digital.  It was also the year that my kids got more comics than me* *physical comics from All new Comics only…I still get a lot of comics from Comixology. Looking back at the end of the year, it was a pretty spectacular year for comics.  There was… Continue reading Best Comics of 2012

I Live in the Future

For most of my professional life the saying has been “Five years from now”, as in: “Five years from now bandwidth will be fast enough we’ll be able to stream HD video.” “Five years from now computers will be fast enough to render video in real time.” “We need another five years until a small… Continue reading I Live in the Future

My DIG London experience

I had my first ever speaking gig last week, when I spoke at the Digital Interactive Gaming conference on the subject of inspiring teams through innovation.  I was incredibly well prepared, well practiced, had kick assed slides, and had what I thought was a pretty killer interactive idea. My talk, called “Innovation Days for Small… Continue reading My DIG London experience

My brother-in-law Chris

This has been a trying week for my family.  On Monday my sister Annette’s husband Chris went in for an aortic valve replacement.  He had a congenital defect which was causing his heart to pump less blood than his body needed, and it was making him weak as a kitten.  Chris is a mechanic, so… Continue reading My brother-in-law Chris

The More Things Change

I had the opportunity to go to Toronto to visit my old buddies John and Charles at 70 Main Street.  The boys from 70 Main Street did the redesign of back when we merged the TSNMax content back into TSN, and it was a sight to behold, still one of my favourite designs.  I… Continue reading The More Things Change

52 Posts in 52 weeks

I don’t blog anymore.  I micro-blog a LOT (Twitter, Facebook, etc), but I went months without a post this year, and the worst part was a gross picture of my innards was the highlight of my blog.  That ain’t right. I used to do at least one blog post a week, it was a summary… Continue reading 52 Posts in 52 weeks