About Me

My DIG London experience

I had my first ever speaking gig last week, when I spoke at the Digital Interactive Gaming conference on the subject of inspiring teams through innovation.  I was incredibly well prepared, well practiced, had kick assed slides, and had what I thought was a pretty killer interactive idea.

My talk, called “Innovation Days for Small Teams”,  was really about fostering autonomy, mastery, and purpose in software development teams.  It’s something that I’m passionate about, and I believe that Innovation Days are one of the key things that changed the IT Department at Info-Tech.

Our Family

My brother-in-law Chris

This has been a trying week for my family.  On Monday my sister Annette’s husband Chris went in for an aortic valve replacement.  He had a congenital defect which was causing his heart to pump less blood than his body needed, and it was making him weak as a kitten.  Chris is a mechanic, so he was pretty happy to hear about a new minimally invasive technique called the “keyhole” technique, which is performed here in London by Dr. Kiaii, the chief of cardiology at London Health Sciences.  He’s got an amazing rating on Rate My Dr, and there are tons of great articles on what he does.

Unfortunately the surgery didn’t go exactly as planned.  In order to perform the surgery the doctors have to deflate the lung, and when they went to re-inflate the lung after the surgery, it didn’t respond.  The doctors say he had an “inflammatory reaction”, and he has been in intensive care ever since.

It’s going to be a long road ahead, and right now they are looking for the smallest signs of improvement as steps down the road.  Chris is a great guy, he’s awesome to my sister, and treats my parents like gold, so it really sucks to see him like this.  Hopefully this is just a slight speed bump, and he’ll recover quickly.

Get better soon brother.

Update – November 17, 2012

Chris is out of the woods now, he’s getting his breathing tube out, and is making great progress.

Update – November 20, 2012

Chris is out of intensive care, and up in a regular room.  He’s got quite a bit of therapy to get his strength back up, but every day he’s getting better.

About Me

The More Things Change

I had the opportunity to go to Toronto to visit my old buddies John and Charles at 70 Main Street.  The boys from 70 Main Street did the redesign of back when we merged the TSNMax content back into TSN, and it was a sight to behold, still one of my favourite designs.  I got to talk to the guys about doing some major changes to Info-Tech, and bringing in an outside view (as well as getting an extra couple of pairs of arms working with me).

It was awesome.  Probably my favourite part of the day was the fact that because of FaceBook, we didn’t have the awkward “So what have you been doing for the last 10 years?”, conversation, which it would turn out was a crap ton of stuff.  Because the three of us are FaceBook friends, I know we’re all married, John has two boys around the same age as Kaylin and Maks, while Charles has a daughter just slightly younger than Maks.