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A Message to My 11 Year Old Self

I was thinking the other night about being 11 years old, and being afraid of my place in the world.  I was kind of awkward, super skinny, a little too smart for my own good, and yet not really committed to anything because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.  I felt like I was in a holding pattern, and one thing that really makes me antsy is being stuck in a state of limbo.  I’m not the kind of person who just “enjoys the down time” of routine.  I need things to change.

I thought about what I would say to 11 year old me.  How could I help him become the best me that I could be?  What advice could I give him that I wish had been given to me back then?  What could I say to him to reassure him that in the future, things are pretty kick-ass?

I think it would go something like this:


Best Comics of 2012

Adventure TimThis was the year that I went entirely digital.  It was also the year that my kids got more comics than me*

*physical comics from All new Comics only…I still get a lot of comics from Comixology.

Looking back at the end of the year, it was a pretty spectacular year for comics.  There was a bunch of awesome new stuff, some existing series got a shot in the arm, and the big two put out some really good stuff.

What surprises me the most about 2012 is how many comics I read regularly that aren’t from Marvel or DC.  More than half of my entire list now is comprised of stuff from Image or Boom! Studios.


Awesome FREE comics for your new iPad, Android or Surface

A splash page from Saga

So you just got a shiny new tablet for Christmas, well now it’s time to load that sucker up.

Luckily, ComiXology is available on all of the major platforms, and it’s the best way to read comics on a tablet.

Even better news is that Image has been putting out some of the best comics on the stands (digital or otherwise) for the last several years…and a ton of them are available for free on Comixology.

About Me

I Live in the Future

For most of my professional life the saying has been “Five years from now”, as in:

  • “Five years from now bandwidth will be fast enough we’ll be able to stream HD video.”
  • “Five years from now computers will be fast enough to render video in real time.”
  • “We need another five years until a small hand held computer is actually a useful thing”
  • “We’re still five years out from having a computer that can go all day on a battery charge.”
  • We’re about five years away from not needing all of these wires.
  • In five years I’ll be able to take a credit card from anywhere.

I don’t know when it happened, but five years from now is here.

I watch HD YouTube streams on my 55″ TV all the time, I beam my desktop from my Mac to that same HDTV without the need of wires.  My wireless internet connection is as fast as I need it all the time.  I carry around the equivalent computing power to my desktop computer from 1999…in my pocket!  I regularly use a tablet that can do 90% of the things I need to do in a day, and which yields me about 8 hours of battery life easily.  My laptop gets me a good 5-7 hours of battery life most days.  I don’t worry about my data anymore because it’s all around me in the ubiquitous “cloud”.  I still carry a USB key on my keychain, but I barely ever use it.  I have an elaborate backup system at home, that failed me recently…and which “the cloud” saved me from without me ever knowing that I was in peril.

I get comics, magazines and books digitally, and when I want to read something, I can do so without ever leaving my chair.  We don’t have video stores anymore, if you want to watch a movie you rent and download it (either through a device like AppleTV, or your cable box), but more often than not I stream it from a streaming service like Netflix, where for about the cost of a couple rentals a month, I get a firehose of content.

That’s the thing about the future, it kind of sneaks up on you.

This week’s Best of List: