2013 In Review

This has been an interesting year to say the least.  A lot of stuff has happened, but my life seems to have fallen into a typical mid-series pattern.  Here we are at the end of the year and things are pretty much status quo. The good: Completely relaunched Info-Tech with a very streamlined, clean, and… Continue reading 2013 In Review

Top 50 Comic Book Runs 5-1

Here we are in the final 5. Remembering my initial rules, it’s easy to see why this last five was the hardest. My number one choice has been number one since I read it in 1984, and to me will always be my favourite comic story of all time. Once again – The Rules The… Continue reading Top 50 Comic Book Runs 5-1

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Top 50 Comic Runs 10 – 6

Okay, seriously…what is wrong with me?  I’ve had this damn list finished for going on three months, but I haven’t posted the last two parts. Time to rectify that! First…the rules. The rules were simple, they had to be comics I was incredibly excited when they came out. I had to have bought them off… Continue reading Top 50 Comic Runs 10 – 6

Why I Love Kickstarter

One of the sources of frustration for my lovely wife Charlene and a source of great amusement for my friends and co-workers is my seeming obsession and addiction to Kickstarter. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding tool that allows artists, entrepreneurs, and makers to get their ideas funded before… Continue reading Why I Love Kickstarter

Top 50 Comic Runs 20-11

My first three entries in this series tell a much different story. From here on in there are no easy choices, and honestly other than the top five…any of these from 20-5 are pretty much interchangeable depending on my mood. Previous entries in the Top 50 Comic Runs are: Top 50 Comic Runs 50-41 Top 40 50… Continue reading Top 50 Comic Runs 20-11

Designing Fun

Waaay back in May, my team and I designed a new T-Shirt for our most recent Info-Tech co-op class. I usually help brainstorm these, but this time I had a solid concept in my head that I really wanted to do myself – and how often do I get to use my super-power as part… Continue reading Designing Fun

Why you shouldn’t mess with people who have Photoshop SuperPowers

UPDATE – July 5th.  Disclaimer added to top of post.  Two new images added to the bottom of the post. DISCLAIMER: This blog post features incidents that are based on real events.  All characters appearing in this work are ficticious, and emails have been edited for humour and grammar.  Any resemblence between the incidences and… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t mess with people who have Photoshop SuperPowers

I make websites

I make websites. What I do is art and science. I don’t do it with a brush, a calculator, a pen, beakers, a keyboard, or even code anymore, I do it with my brain. I collaborate with others to realize a fully formed vision. This thing is in my brain, I can spin it, turn… Continue reading I make websites