LucasArts May 1982 – April 2013

When I think of the games that I loved the most growing up, LucasArts is the company that gives me the most warm and fuzzies.

To me, computer gaming hit its peak in about 1999, and at that point LucasArts was the undisputed master.  Shortly after, consoles would become the dominant player in the industry, and while PC gaming has never truly gone away, the glory days have come and gone.

Lucas had so many different games, entire genres, not to mention some of the best licenses in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.


Ruby Newbies: My Ruby on Rails Recipe

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails for about five years now, and I can’t actually remember my life before it at this point.  As much as I love Ruby on Rails, I hate setting it up.  Okay, HATE is a pretty stiff word…let’s say “really, really, REALLY dislike”.

However, the last couple of times that I’ve had to configure machines, I’ve kept a really good running log of what I did, and I feel pretty confident that this little recipe will let me keep the rest of my hair.

About Me

How am I doing? 52 posts in 52 weeks?

Way back in October I decided I was going to do 52 posts in 52 weeks this year.  An average of post a week on my blog doesn’t even sound unsustainable.

So how am I doing?  I’ve added 18 posts since October 22nd, and 25 weeks have passed since then.  I’m only 7 posts short of my goal.  Not too bad, I can make up for it with a few two post weeks.