I make websites

I make websites. What I do is art and science. I don’t do it with a brush, a calculator, a pen, beakers, a keyboard, or even code anymore, I do it with my brain.

I collaborate with others to realize a fully formed vision. This thing is in my brain, I can spin it, turn it, see how people use it, understand where they will go, how they will flow and why they will do things.

I know these things because I read…a lot. I read about usability, user experiences, how people do things, why they do them, and how they do them. I know these things because I have, for decades, observed what people do on my sites, and I can extrapolate that into the future.

I take the ember of a great experience, I gently blow on it to make it hotter, I feed it to build it bigger, and then I hold it tight to my chest where I keep it secure against the elements, against the forces and people all around it that want to snuff its life.

I consider every detail, I agonize over the big picture and how it all comes together. I sweat the small details, the extra four pixels of line height, and exactly how large the headline is. The whitespace is intentional, that large picture has a purpose, I know to the pixel how much space your eye needs to breathe, I understand innately how through repetition,

I know these things because I have done this for a LONG time. I can explain this to you with words, but my words do not impart upon you my wisdom, I can show you, but you will not “know” simply because I say.

These are the things I do. I don’t know why I know that one thing will work while another won’t any more than I know why my heart pumps blood through my veins. I just do.

I respect that you have opinions, I understand that what I do doesn’t look hard. I know I am not a doctor, a scientist, or even an artist. Nevertheless, I assure you, what I do is hard.

I make websites.


Man of Steel – My Review In my mind, Christopher Nolan can do no wrong, the man has yet to make a bad movie, and his Dark Knight trilogy re-invented the superhero genre again. David Goyer has written a ton of amazing movies, and has written some of my favourite comics.

Zach Snyder…he has made movies I have enjoyed looking at, and creates the best movie trailers on the planet…but has yet to execute on a good movie.

So with that in mind, my hopes for The Man of Steel were earthbound.  When I saw that it was 2 hours and 30 minutes long…sigh.  Before it was released though, I was defending the movie, saying that our memories of the 1978 “classic” are clouded by the mists of time.  Having just watched it again recently…that movie just isn’t that good when exposed to the cold hard light of 2013.

Unfortunately my already low hopes were dashed, and I nearly walked out of the theatre on three separate occasions, and there is no way in hell I will be taking my kids to this flick any time soon.

The movie was commercially successful, but unfortunately the Superman story…domed planet, desperate scientists, last hope, kindly couple…that story was missed.

About Me

The Worst Excuse In The World

The one excuse that bugs me more than any other is “I’m too busy”, because it’s just a cop-out. Being too busy is a conscious choice.  You choose to prioritize other things.  If you’re too busy, what you’re really saying is “I’m making bad choices”.

So why haven’t I written anything since April?  I’ve made bad choices.  I’ve chosen to prioritize other things over writing on my blog.  That’s not an excuse, that’s just bad planning.

My commitment to my blog was to write 52 posts in 52 weeks.  I’m now about 10 posts behind.  Yes, I have several in the drafts stage, but there’s a ton more in my head.  Some of it is top secret stuff that I can’t talk about for a little bit more, but most of it can be out there.

There’s movie reviews (Star Trek and Iron Man 3 for example, both of which were phenomenal).  There’s stuff I’ve learned (so very much stuff recently, including an amazing trip to Vegas), and there’s even the challenges that Char and I have given ourselves to be better physically and how much of an inspiration she’s been.  These are all things I need to write about, and I’ll do that over the next couple of weeks.

What’s more…there’s no reason every post needs to be a damn novel!

So here’s my commitment to getting more posts up this week.  There should be a big flurry of a half dozen posts in the next week.  Then there will be a small lull, and then a MAJOR announcement! WOO HOO!