Top 50 Comic Runs 20-11

Best ComicsMy first three entries in this series tell a much different story.

From here on in there are no easy choices, and honestly other than the top five…any of these from 20-5 are pretty much interchangeable depending on my mood.

Previous entries in the Top 50 Comic Runs are:

I’ve got a little bit of work to get 10-6 out, but 5-1 is completely written…so look for them both later this week.

A quick recap of the rules:

The rules were simple, they had to be comics I was incredibly excited when they came out. I had to have bought them off the shelf when they were released. This list was about anticipation, and these are the comics that I went absolutely nuts waiting for 30 days to go by so I could find out what happened next.


Top 50 Comic Book Runs 50-41

Way back in September of 2009, I thought I’d put out a list of the top 40 comic book runs. This was the list of comics that I return to again and again. Something happened though…I kind of fell off the wagon a little bit. I have the entire list, all chunked out in three more posts (20-11, 10-6, and 5-1), but nearly four years has gone by!

A lot can change in four years, namely there has been four years of awesome comics! So I’ve amended the Top 40 to actually be a “Top 50”, and I’m adding, retroactively, #50-41 right here.

I hope to get the next segment (20-11) out a little quicker.

For those of you interested, the recently renamed Top 50 Comic Runs are available here: