The Worst Excuse In The World

The one excuse that bugs me more than any other is “I’m too busy”, because it’s just a cop-out. Being too busy is a conscious choice.  You choose to prioritize other things.  If you’re too busy, what you’re really saying is “I’m making bad choices”. So why haven’t I written anything since April?  I’ve made… Continue reading The Worst Excuse In The World

My butter chicken recipe

Butter Chicken is one of my favourite Indian dishes, but it’s one I’ve always been afraid to try to make on my own. When I started reading about the ingredients though, I started to see that it should be fairly easy to make. I think the best butter chicken comes from chicken cooked in a… Continue reading My butter chicken recipe

Why I left Rogers

On Friday I cancelled the last two things I had with Rogers. Home Phone and Internet. Why did I leave Rogers? I’ve never had a significant outage, I’m mostly happy with the bandwidth speed. My phone has never given me an issue. It can really be boiled down to one reason. Bandwidth caps aren’t keeping… Continue reading Why I left Rogers