What Star Wars means to me

Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Star Wars has been a big part of my life, and the lives of my generation. I’ve thought a lot about what that means, and these are my thoughts.

Good Bye Info-Tech

Brian in front of the Info-Bar

Thursday September 3rd is officially my last day at the Info-Tech Research Group where I have been since December 2006.  I had a blast in my eight years, eight months and twenty four days, but it’s time to move on. I’m incredibly grateful for everything that Info-Tech did for me. We were able to move from Ajax… Continue reading Good Bye Info-Tech

First Half of 2015 Report

Our Family

While it feels like just yesterday we were trudging through mountains of snow, it’s already June, and I’m wondering what it is exactly I’ve accomplished half way through the year. What did I get done so far this year? We had a pretty fun family vacation back in February when we took the kids to Las… Continue reading First Half of 2015 Report

Know Your Hedgehog

Know Your Hedgehog

Jim Collins in his amazing book “Good to Great“, talks about the Hedgehog concept, which is the core of your business. If you understand your hedgehog concept, and stick to it with devotion, your company can become great. Collins uses the parable of the clever devious fox and the simple hedgehog. The fox keeps coming… Continue reading Know Your Hedgehog

How I Hire the Best People

My Desktop

In the past twelve years I’ve hired well over 30 people across two companies. I’ve had plenty of trial and error to get good at hiring, and at this point, I have learned a lot about how to hire well.