Fan Expo Canada 2016

Our Fan Expo Canada Stan Lee Experience

I’ve been going to Fan Expo Canada with Kaylin and Maks for the last three years. They’ve both reached the age where we can manage to do the entire show floor with a minimal amount of whining. This year we had a mission, we would be meeting Stan Lee.

Still With Destiny, After All These Years

Destiny the Rise of Iron

It’s been two years since I started playing Destiny, a game by Bungie, the original makers of the Halo series of games. It’s the only game that I have been this involved with for this much time, and today I still love it.

One Year Later – What am I Doing?

NorthIQ Business Solutions

It’s been a year since I left my position at the Info-Tech Research Group. In the last year I’ve worked to build a business that I’m proud of. I started out with a cool name and some cool ideas. The rest of the year has been all about execution.

What’s Wrong With Zack Snyder Anyway?

Batfleck and Zack Snyder

My favourite film directors, in no particular order, are Terry Gilliam, James Cameron, Michael Bay, Danny Boyle, John Woo, Tony Scott, and Ridley Scott.

Zack Snyder is one of those directors I should love, he creates big, bold movies that are audacious, and which others have said are unfilmable. He has a style which is undeniable, and the trailers for his films are second to none.

Cursed: Black Swan – A Review

Cursed: Black Swan - A Fixer Novel

I have followed Ryan McFadden’s writing career since it was in its embryonic stage. It’s no secret we’ve been besties since high school, we’ve been in each other’s wedding parties, and we’re each other’s “go to” when we need a good swift kick in the ass (metaphorically or physically). The novel that has become Cursed:… Continue reading Cursed: Black Swan – A Review