My brother-in-law Chris

My little sister’s husband passed away on Thursday January 31st. I got a call at 7 in the morning from my mom, but my phone was in the basement and I missed it. Char missed a second call, and as I got to my phone my mom’s voice was on the other end saying “Chris is gone”.

Chris was a big guy. Not just big in stature (although he was that), but big in every way you can think.

He had huge hands. Hands that were refined by decades of manual labour, he was a mechanic, and could twist a bolt with ease that would make me give up.

He had a huge presence. He filled a room with his booming voice, and his big personality, but he could also fade into the background and just observe those around him.

He had a huge heart.

It’s no small irony that it was his huge heart which finally gave out.

Unexpectedly at home on Thursday, January 31st, 2019 Chris Fullard passed away.  Beloved husband of Annette Fullard for 16 years. Loving son of the late Liselotte and Anson Fullard.  Loved brother of Maureen Fullard, David and his wife Judy Fullard and Peter and his wife Michelle Fullard.  Dear son in law of Margaret and David Garside. 

Dear brother in law of Brian Garside and his wife Charlene. Loved nephew and Godson of Trudi and John Krebs and family.  Uncle Chris will be fondly remembered by his nieces and nephews and his family at Ken’s Auto Care. 

Visitors will be received at John T. Donohue Funeral Home, 362 Waterloo Street, London on Monday evening from 5-8 o’clock.  Funeral Mass will be held at Mary Immaculate Church, 1980 Trafalgar Street, London on Tuesday morning at  11 o’clock.  Interment in St. Peter’s Cemetery.  Donations to the London Health Sciences Foundation – Cardiac Care Program ( would be appreciated.

About Me

My 2018 Review, 2019 Preview

Each year I post a year in review/resolutions blog post. This site is my journal, and I use it to keep track on what past me has done.

Review of 2018, here’s what I said.

  • Get in shape
  • Continue building NorthIQ
  • Build a second saas product
  • Be consistent with Content Marketing
  • Plan some actual vacation time
  • Do more stuff around the house

The Results:

Get in Shape:

Fail. I am in worse shape than I was this time last year, although I weigh less. My biggest problem this year was a health challenge which has only recently been identified as an internal bleed which is causing severe anemia. Luckily this is about to get solved, and after 4 weeks of recovery, I can get back to doing physical activity. This is going to be the year of Self Improvement!

Continue Building NorthIQ:

I’m calling this one a success. While we didn’t double revenue, we did some pretty awesome things, and I wrote a full post about it. Yay NorthIQ, we’ll keep building it, but it is doing very well for itself considering this is only it’s second full year in business.

Build a Second SaaS product

Why build when you can buy? We became Sharpspring resellers in 2018, and have a couple of really great stories to tell about how marketing automation is changing our clients businesses.

Plan some actual vacation time

Success and then some! We took two full weeks off to travel to Nova Scotia, and did a ton of things along the way. I took the better part of a week off late in the fall, and we basically closed the shop down from December 21st on, and the business didn’t fall apart.Schedule vacation week for March

Do more stuff around the house

Success! We completely revamped our first floor, had the entire house painted, and took care of a bunch of little projects around the house.

My 2019 Goals:

  • Take care of my health
  • Take care of our financial health
  • Succession plan for NorthIQ
  • Be more present

I am going to make this simple with four little goals.

1: Take care of my health. Once I am recovered, I am going to get to the gym, and start really focusing on yoga. I need to improve years of flexibility, and repair this aging husk.

2: Take care of our financial health. We are in a good spot, but it could be better. Build and stick to a budget, make a plan to pay down the renovation debt, and create a “rainy day fund”.

3: Succession plan for NorthIQ. This boils down to documentation and figuring out processes for everything. It’s not the sexy stuff that making a website is, but it’s still gotta be done, and 2019 is the year to do it in!

4: Be more present. Yeah, it’s granola-y, but it’s important. My grandfather used to say “We’re here for a good time, not a long time.”, my kids are growing up faster than I can know, and they’re not going to be in the house forever. It’s time to be here when I am here, and work when I am at work.