TSN V4 Redesign

I’m still recovering from working Tuesday at 9:00am to Wednesday at 5:00pm straight with about a half an hour nap (by putting two chairs together and stretching out between them). I went to sleep last night at 6:00 and woke up this morning at 8:00, starving. I then realized that other than a sub at … Read more

More redesign work at TSN

This was a pretty good weekend, not terrific, but pretty solid neverless. I created the WTSN and ESPN Classic Canada website layouts on Sunday and Monday, did some work on the Wedding Site and went to see RAW last night. The show was pretty good, but it could have been better. I decided last night … Read more

Site Redesign Tutorial

Site Redesign Tutorial A great tutorial on redesigning websites, it’s given me some really good ideas to do with the all new Tales From The Darkside (which of course is a purely Blog driven site with some extra content such as photos and drawings), and the WeddingBlog. I’m also leaning towards doing some Flash work, … Read more


BookmarkSync Sync It is back up! That kicks butt. I went to my new doctor, Dr. Goodhew, and he told me that I have a torn muscle in my back, and gave me an anti-inflammitory. I’m not supposed to work out this week, but I’m supposed to start again next Monday. He said that my … Read more

BookmarkSync temporarily down

BookmarkSync temporarily down YAY!!! SyncIT isn’t down! Turns out it’s only down temporarily for maintenance! They claim they’ll have it back up by tomorrow at noon! I’m so happy!

Bookmark Wizard by Moon Software

Bookmark Wizard by Moon Software SyncIT is dead…long live the Bookmark Wizard, which will keep my bookmarks online from this day forward. This really really sucks. Stupid Internet Crash of 2000! Stupid stupid Department of Justice. Why is it that the big corporations can get as big and huge as they want, but because Microsoft … Read more

Macworld Expo – CNET.com

Macworld Expo – CNET.com Though I haven’t wanted a Mac ever before in my life, this year’s MacExpo has kind of piqued my interest. It’s too bad that most of the software I like to use for programming and web development is still PC-Centric. It’s just that iMacs and G4’s look so nice now! Sync … Read more

Yahoo! Groups : xwars-rp

Yahoo! Groups : xwars-rp That’s right! X-wars RP is a reality. The next step is to create a web page, and then start convincing people that it is a good idea. So far I have talked to Tyler and Matt and both of them see the good in this list.

The hits just keep on coming!

I’m still having problems with Sympatico’s High Speed connection posting large amounts of text through CGI. I think it’s a problem with the version of RATSPPOE that I have. God I hope all these problems will be fixed in the fall with Windows XP!

Is the sky really falling?

Is the sky really falling? I just found out that Eyada, my favourite online radio station, just closed their doors. That totally sucks since Eyada has been my favourite daytime distraction for the last year or so. There were many days at former jobs where the distraction of Eyada was the only thing that got … Read more