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DVD Profile: Jerry Maguire (Special Edition)

Corona’s Test Pattern – DVD Profile: Jerry Maguire (Special Edition) It’s about freakin’ time! Jerry Maguire finally gets a special edition, and I will finally own my favourite “guilty pleasure” movie of all time. Sure it’s a big ole girl movie, but even the most hardened guy has got to admit that they teared up the first time that they saw big ole Tommy boy say “You complete me.”…I know it’s become one of the biggest cliche’s in movies now (and “Show me the money” was almost as overdone as the whole “Wazzzuuuuupppp”), but at the time that was a tearjerker.

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Royal Rumble Pool winner

The Royal Rumble Pool was a ton of fun, but it didn’t exactly turn out as I had hoped. Why not? Take a look at the much vaunted “Team Darkside”, and then compare it to that of my competitors.

The winner: Benson’s Brigade (along with the order in which the wrestler emerged):

2 – Goldust

13 – Christian

16 – Godfather

22 – Triple H

25 – Mr. Perfect

29 – RVD

First Runner Up: Larry’s Wooriors

4 – Bradshaw

8 – Undertaker

12 – Scotty Too Hotty

18 – Saturn

23 – Hurricane

26 – Kurt Angle

The Losers:

Team Darkside:

6 – Al Snow

10 – Jeff Hardy

17 – Albert

21 – Test

24 – Faarooq

27 – The Big Show

The Enraged Puffins

1 – Rikishi

3 – Bossman

7 – Billy

11 – Maven

19 – Steve Austin

30 – Booker T

Jeff’s Jobbers

5 – Lance Storm

9 – Matt Hardy

14 – DDP

15 – Chucky

20 – Val Venis

28 – Kane

Order of Entrance:

1 Rikishi, 2 Goldust, 3 Bossman, 4 Bradshaw, 5 Lance Storm, 6 Al Snow, 7 Billy, 8 Undertaker, 9 Matt Hardy, 10 Jeff Hardy, 11 Maven, 12 Scotty 2 Hotty, 13 Christian, 14 DDP, 15 Chucky, 16 Godfather, 17 Albert, 18 Saturn, 19 Stone Cold Steve Austin, 20 Val Venis, 21 Test, 22 HHH, 23 Hurricane, 24 Faarooq, 25 Mr. Perfect, 26 Kurt Angle, 27 The Big Show, 28 Kane, 29 RVD, 30 Booker T.


1 Bossman, 2 Lance Storm, 3 Bradshaw, 4 Goldust, 5 Al Snow, 6 Rikishi, 7 Billy, 8 Jeff, 9 Matt, 10 Undertaker (thrown out by Maven!), 11 Scotty 2 Hotty, 12 DDP (who’s exit wasn’t even shown on the monitors because the cameras were too busy catching Godfather’s 24 minute, 3 ho-train entrance), 13 Albert, 14 Godfather, 15 Christian, 16 Chucky, 17 Saturn, 18 Val Venis, 19 Test, 20 Hurricane, 21 Faarooq, 22 The Big Show, 23 Kane, 24 RVD, 25 Booker T, 26 Stone Cold Steve Austin, 27 Mr. Perfect, 28 Kurt Angle. The winner: Triple H.

It’s important to note that there was some chicanery going on in that the reason there were 30 entrants, but ony 28 exits is because technically Maven was never eliminated. Undertaker went back into the ring and hurled Maven out over the top rope and then took him to school in the back before munching on some popcorn to seal Maven’s fate. In my humble opinion, the real loser here is Curtis who had the $20.00 pot STOLEN out from under his nose! Very weak indeed.

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Royal Rumble Pool

Thirty men enter. One man leaves.

Here are the official Royal Rumble Pool Rules:

Thirty numbers will be placed in a recepticle (be it hat, or popcorn bucket), and each person will take a turn drawing a number until all numbers are taken.

The number will represent the wrestler who arrives in the ring in accordance with the number. I.E. number one will represent the first wrestler who arrives in the ring. Number 30 will be the last person to arrive in the ring.

The person with the number corresponding to the second last wrestler to leave the ring will win 20% of the pool, while the person with the number corresponding to the last wrestler to leave the ring will win the remaining 80%.

In the case of a tie, the portion of the pool which the participants would have won will be split. I.E. if three people are sent out of the ring simutaneously at the end, all three people will split the 80% pool.

Those are the rules. I didn’t make them…oh wait, yes I did.

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What a great time for entertainment!!!

We’ve got Oceans’ Eleven on the 7th, Vanilla Sky on the 14th, Spy Game (by Tony Scott) is in theatres now. Made (which I missed in theatres) is out on DVD right now, The Coen’s new movie, The Man Who Wasn’t There, is in wider release, and the biggie…Lord of the Rings coming on December 19th. Never mind that Ali starts on Christmas, or that there’s about a dozen movies between now and February that look great.Not Another Teen Movie looks hilarious, The Royal Tennenbaums looks great, The Majestic could earn Jim Carrey his Oscar, A Beautiful Mind will be an Oscar Contender, and Black Hawk Down is Ridley Scott’s latest movie. How can any one of those films be bad (well except for Not Another Teen Movie).

In the world of Comics we’ve got The Dark Knight Strikes Again coming out this Friday…and if no other comic came out this year, I think I’d be happy.

But we’ve also got SSX Tricky out for the PS2, as well as Legends of Wrestling, and the new James Bond game…not to mention Metal Gear Solid 2 (which is one of the best games I’ve ever played…better even than Half Life).

And that says nothing for the fact that the best CD’s of the year always come out at Christmas!

In totally ME news, my first TSNMAX MagEzine article on Todd McFarlane’s toy success “Canadian spawns sports toys” was published to TSNMAX today. It got some good reviews in the huzzouse, and Reed did a terrific job of editing the story and making it tighter than it originally was. He put a lot of work into it for sure. Still, I’m pretty proud of that bad boy. It’s a good read, especially if you’re interested in Action Figures like I am.

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Movie reviews: Final Fantasy and The Score

Forgot to mention last night that I saw Final Fantasy on Sunday and The Score on Friday night.

The Score was quite good, in that pure popcorn, summer movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds” sort of way. DeNiro was great, Norton was awesome, and Brando was…well he was Brando, what can you say about the man? He may be full of quirks, but he’s amazing, even at 800lbs.

Final Fantasy was okay. It was a little too “Akira” for me, and most of it didn’t make any sense (probably because I’ve never played the games). None of the characters grabbed me, and other than the “Wow, this is amazing technology” aspect of it, I didn’t really enjoy it.

Now with that said, I got to see the Spider-Man movie trailer before it, AND I saw it in an IMAX theatre, with the most amazing sound system ever. Those factors go a long way towards helping one to stick it out when I might have normally given up on it.

It was a good movie weekend though…and the fact that I got the Dogma Special Edition (with some GREAT outtakes) just made it that much better.

This weekend is America’s Sweethearts and Jurassic Park III, could be popcorny goodness!