My big announcement

Please note:  This was my April Fool’s day joke for the year, it’s not true, Char, Kaylin, Maks and I are very happy with the life we’ve made in London, and I really enjoy the work I do at Info-Tech. I’ve been keeping this one under my hat for a long time, but now the… Continue reading My big announcement

Changing streams

At my day job we’re currently redesigning our long suffering website using Ruby on Rails.  The fun started back in October when a small team of mine started looking at a couple of different technologies including PHP with Cake, Django, and Ruby on Rails.  After a really brief look at other stuff (a day or… Continue reading Changing streams

Poor Yoda gets curb stomped

Yoda gets curb stomped from Brian Garside on Vimeo. It’s a senseless tragedy. Poor little Yoda was just sitting there doing nothing, when suddenly…Kaylin happened. It’s like a scene from Dagobah History X. This little movie was created on my new Flip Video Ultra, which I’ll post a review of soon (it’s pretty frigging awesome).

Kaylin visits the fair

We had planned to go to the Western Fair on Friday, but because it was such a miserable day, we decided to hold off until Saturday.  We left our house around 11 Saturday morning and arrived at 11:30, greeted as we were by a sleepy, quiet little affair.  Hours later the place would be a… Continue reading Kaylin visits the fair