Play hard, work hard

It’s been a busy few days, with quite a bit of work, and quite a bit of play going on. I had to cram a little to get the monthly All New Comics update done, then this weekend we got some last minute comp tickets to Go Diego Live, watched some fighting, and finished up… Continue reading Play hard, work hard

Holy SNOW Batman!

Now that’s a load of snow. The picture you see above is our back yard on Sunday with Kaylin and I standing. The snow’s up to her shoulders, and up to my waist. Now admittedly this is in a drift in the back yard, but it was still huge. In around 24 hours we had… Continue reading Holy SNOW Batman!

The behemoth…it gets whiter!

Another weekend, and yet the behemoth is STILL not finished! What is my problem anyway? I’ve primed the wood, I’ve filled holes, and I’ve done some more wood work, but I’m not finished? This is an outrage. Why, it’s almost like I’ve been doing OTHER things than just finishing this behemoth of a project.

My two movie weekend

It was a rare weekend where not only did I get to see a single movie at the theatre, but I saw TWO! Yeah, it was a pretty great weekend. The fact that one of them was really cool, and the other one was fun for entirely different reasons was pretty special as well.