FunDay Posters

The Annual Info-Tech Fun Day gathers all 200+ London and 200+ Toronto employees for a day of fun and games. Posters for the events that revolve around a theme help make the day appear even more special.

Personal Branding Project

I’ve never had my own business cards, but with this project I set out to create a simple, striking, and interesting business card design.

The BalanceDo Blog

The BalanceDo Blog became the chief traffic strategy, and the most effective marketing we did while working on BalanceDo.

Info-Tech Research Group

I have spent eight years at Info-Tech, and I’ve worn a ton of hats. My favourite role is that of product owner, where I help shape the direction and future of Info-Tech’s website.

All New Comics

In the winter of 2004, I moved outside of Toronto and suddenly realized an underserved market was comics fans outside of major metropolitan centres. I set out to solve that problem.

BalanceDo – The App

From August 2012 through February 2015, I worked with a team of talented people to build a next generation Online Invoicing Application.

My first professional work, and where I would eventually learn project management, user experience design, and product development.

Wrestling Sites

These are some early website designs I did from 1997-1999, they’re a little embarrassing by today’s standards, but the stories around how I got to hang out with a bunch of professional wrestlers are some of my favourite times in my career.