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I co-founded All New Comics in the spring of 2005, to address a market opportunity I recognized, comics fans without a local direct market comic shop.

After creating a corporation with my partner Peter and getting set up for retail business, I began building an ecommerce store off of the CandyPress platform.

We quickly outgrew our initial platform, and I built plans for a subscription engine along with wireframes and HTML prototypes of all of the pages. After validating them with existing customers, I hired a developer to build the subscription engine.

We debuted the new subscription engine at the Paradise Comics Comicon with marketing collateral I developed which we handed out to all potential customers, allowing us to build a core group of customers quickly.

Over the next several years I refined both the website and our marketing, creating a monthly email newsletter, a Facebook and Twitter presence, and maintaining adwords campaigns to continue building an audience.

I sold my interest in All New Comics to my partner in 2011, but continue to consult on marketing and technology issues for him as part of the agreement.