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In late 2012 two friends and I took on the task of revamping BalanceDo, an online invoicing application targeted at small business.

I built a business plan, created a marketing plan, conducted user interviews, built mock-ups, and built a project plan around turning BalanceDo into a thriving application.

Because it was strictly a side-project for us, and we ran into some personal and professional challenges, it took us much longer to complete BalanceDo than we anticipated, however we launched on February 2014, and continued to add features to it.

BalanceDo was part of the Waterloo LaunchPad program, where two MBA Students, Eric Goll and Chris Buckley, completed further validating and product testing the business.

I handled most of the copywriting, front end design, email marketing, marketing automation, and regular contributions to the BalanceDo Blog.

While I think we were on the right track, ultimately our lack of cash flow and inability to devote our full time to the business meant that our competitors outpaced us with new features, marketing that was everywhere, and more polish.  We made the difficult decision to wind down the business in December, and officially closed the doors in March 2015.