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I have spearheaded five major relaunches of the Info-Tech website over eight years, and while each had its own challenges, one particular redesign was the most rewarding.

In October of 2012, I was given an amazing mandate and complete autonomy to “Make a World Class Website”. I was told I had an unlimited budget, and could do whatever I wanted to make the best website possible.

I started out by contracting my friends at 70 Main Street to figure out how we could make this happen, I met them in person, and we discussed the Brand Identity, what we were trying to do with the website, and what “A World Class Website” looked like to me.

From there it was a simple matter of wireframes, concepts, polish, and finally code.

We started the process in late October, and had final designs by early January. Six weeks later my team of code ninjas had finished the site, and we were ready to launch.

Of course at the last minute, the business changed some fundamental things about the actual site, changing membership types, and re-arranging the taxonomy of the site, as well as introducing a brand new concept in “Workshops”.

We simply modified the new site to deal with these changes, and launched the new features along with a brand new website in June 2013.