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In order to generate more traffic to BalanceDo, we created a small business blog.  The vision of our blog was to become a place where we would tell the story of how we were becoming a more mature business, while also showing places a small business could become more efficient.

Eric and Chris, our two recent Laurier MBA grads, came upon the idea of the “Small Business MBA”, where they would take the still fresh knowledge from their own heads and write a series of blog posts.

My vision was to eventually package these posts into a book, and to borrow a phrase from 37 Signals’ book Rework – Sell Our Byproducts.

I created specific illustrations for each instalment of the BalanceDo Small Business Blog, and contributed a few posts of my own.

I also helped the guys come up with a content calendar.

Meanwhile, I built the front-end of what these pages would look like, and worked with our developer to incorporate Sir Trevor into a super-cool back end platform.

In the end, the blog was very popular, and despite the fact that we have since closed down BalanceDo, I feel the blog posts still have a ton of potential, and one day I’ll dust off the rest of the plan and work with the guys to produce this.