The Sequential Fiction Megacast

Sequential Fiction is a weekly comics and pop culture podcast hosted by me and my friend Liam Nickerson.

Sequential Friction is a weekly podcast dedicated to comics and pop culture.  Hosted by Brian Garside and Liam Nickerson, it features news and views about current and past comics, pop culture, gaming, conventions and more.

The idea to create a podcast came after I saw Kevin Smith (of Clerks fame) live at “An Evening with Kevin Smith” in Windsor Ontario.

In addition to telling hilarious and touching stories, he challenged everyone there to make their mark, to create, and to push the boundaries.  As he said “Nobody has figured out how to stop you from doing this yet, so go do it.”

Inspired, I dusted off one of my favourite ideas that my friend Liam Nickerson had been bugging me about for years, making our own podcast.

With the help of Skype, our Macs, Quicktime, and Adobe Audition, I set about building our first episode.  I hired a musician to write an introduction for us inspired by the Superfriends, and found a voiceover artist who could emulate the Ted Knight style of voiceover that began each edition of Superfriends.

The intro reads:

It’s the Sequential Fiction Megacast, delivering you the latest in pop culture and comics. They are dedicated to battling the forces of evil, delivering goodness, and battling boredom wherever they find it.  They are the warriors of Sequential Fiction.

Liam created a logo, and I have built supporting images and templates based off that initial logo look.  We maintain Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and Stitcher feeds and I cross post the new episodes to several sites weekly.

The initial site was created using a theme from Elegant Themes, but will eventually be replaced with a custom theme.

I had to learn several new things for this including how to track podcasts, how to insert podcasts into a WordPress page, and how to host a podcast.