Comic books are dead

Printed comic books have existed for most of the 20th century, and in one form or another probably since the invention of the printing press.  There is anecdotal evidence of comic book like art forms throughout the ages, with even Egyptian hieroglyphics being distant cousins of the modern comic. So it may be presumptuous of… Continue reading Comic books are dead

All New Comics hacked

First off, don’t these stupid little script kiddiez know who they’re dealing with??? Seriously. Yesterday morning someone who I assume to be Charles Eckholdt or (and yeah, I hope the spambots harvest your stupid little email address Charles) changed the “send payments to” address in my shopping cart program from the regular All New… Continue reading All New Comics hacked

Hating my hosting provider

All New Comics has been up and down more often than a kid on a trampoline lately, and this week I finally had enough with some serious database troubles. After quite a few years with my server sitting in Florida, I’m finally moving it back to Canada where it belongs.