Revolutionary resolutions

Last year I made some resolutions (like I do every year) in my post “Time for some resolutions”. Last year there were 7 including one ridiculously easy one, and a couple of really nebulous ones.

#1: Move
#2: Eliminate unecessary things
#3: Only pursue projects that make money
#4: Learn to say no
#5: Get a doctor. Go to doctor. Look after your health.
#6: Go away.
#7: Be better

How’d I do?

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Maybe I don’t hate comic conventions

Okay, a few months back I wrote about deep dark secret #1. I hate sports. Tonight I’d like to post a little bit about the other paradox in my life. I love comics. I hate comic conventions. In my entire time of going to conventions, there have only been two that I truly enjoyed going … Read more

ComicsPRO and the CBIA hate websites

Having been told by ComicsPRO (a comics industry alliance that helps retailers have common voice with publishers and distributors) that online retailers are not welcome in their organization, I was told to become a member of CBIA which is the Comic Book Industry Alliance, a message board for retailers to discuss issues about the industry. … Read more

Free Comic Book Day follow-up

I already discussed that Free Comic Book Day was a huge success, new people are still visiting the site and buying stuff from us, and we’ve made a tiny profit despite the huge expenses of shipping Free Comics this month. This, as Martha Stewart would say, is a “good thing”. What’s not good however is … Read more

Free Comic Book Day (a little late)

So last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, and for the second year in a row All New Comics participated, despite the Brick and Mortar based “Free Comic Book Day” Committee’s desire to keep online retailers like us from doing so. At midnight on May 5th we posted our ten selections, and within minutes people … Read more