My Sweet Hardware Setup

My Sweet Hardware Setup

I like to “liberate” good ideas from other sources. ┬áThis post is inspired by a recent post I read on WinSupersite – The Hardware I Use, but also by a website I enjoy called The Sweet Setup, especially when they focus on other peoples’ setups.

In this edition I’m going to specifically talk about my day-to-day computer rig, and not about my networking setup (which is a topic for another time).

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Chick’s Hardware – tom3’s Case Mods

Chick’s Hardware – tom3’s Case Mods This is one ugly assed version of what I want to do…but the gist of it is there. Replace the cheesy metal covering with a nice maple wood grain, add a nice little padded cover to the top of it, cut the number of drive bays by half, (one … Read more