Four Brands…one product

Ryan has convinced me of the need for multiple brands to sell our tool. We’ve already figured out the inline hockey market (hockeyupdater), we’ve started on the comic book market (comicbookwebs), we’re working on the writer’s market (writersquill), and we’ll finish it off with a general retailer tool (retailupdating). HeadsDown will still be the main… Continue reading Four Brands…one product

Comics N More launched

Comics N More launched HeadsDown’s newest website, Comics N launched on Thursday. The guys who run it are still getting their heads around how the tool works, but they’re coming along. We’ll be doing some more tweaking on the tool to make it add line breaks when a user hits enter, but it’s really… Continue reading Comics N More launched

We moved servers again

We moved servers again Due to some serious problems with our previous host, we had to move to another one. What does this mean for you, the user? Probably nothing. For us it means we’ll actually get e-mails from folks, and that’s a good thing.

Producing RSS Feeds

Producing RSS Feeds Just something real quick for me (not everything’s for other folks you know). Producing RSS feeds, the how’s, why’s, and where fores. I’m getting closer to being finished HeadsDown for now, and I’ve still got to finish up the Templates for Ryan, but things are coming along. Slowly, but surely. The site… Continue reading Producing RSS Feeds

Lots of good stuff

Lots of good stuff Man, there’s a lot of good stuff going on right now. On the HeadsDown front, Ryan and I have done some amazing things with the HeadsDown League Managment tool. We’ve built a nice little app that allows an end user to update their website from start to finish. Right now we’re… Continue reading Lots of good stuff

It’s time for a change

For something like two years has said “Change is coming”…what a load of CRAPOLA! It’s finally true though. I’m going to go through in the next three months and re-design all three of my major sites. HeadsDown is going to get the first overhaul, I’m going to plug in a content management solution (HeadLines),… Continue reading It’s time for a change