Kaylin visits the fair

We had planned to go to the Western Fair on Friday, but because it was such a miserable day, we decided to hold off until Saturday.  We left our house around 11 Saturday morning and arrived at 11:30, greeted as we were by a sleepy, quiet little affair.  Hours later the place would be a… Continue reading Kaylin visits the fair

Play hard, work hard

It’s been a busy few days, with quite a bit of work, and quite a bit of play going on. I had to cram a little to get the monthly All New Comics update done, then this weekend we got some last minute comp tickets to Go Diego Live, watched some fighting, and finished up… Continue reading Play hard, work hard

Holy SNOW Batman!

Now that’s a load of snow. The picture you see above is our back yard on Sunday with Kaylin and I standing. The snow’s up to her shoulders, and up to my waist. Now admittedly this is in a drift in the back yard, but it was still huge. In around 24 hours we had… Continue reading Holy SNOW Batman!