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The behemoth…it gets whiter!

Another weekend, and yet the behemoth is STILL not finished! What is my problem anyway? I’ve primed the wood, I’ve filled holes, and I’ve done some more wood work, but I’m not finished? This is an outrage. Why, it’s almost like I’ve been doing OTHER things than just finishing this behemoth of a project.

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My two movie weekend

It was a rare weekend where not only did I get to see a single movie at the theatre, but I saw TWO! Yeah, it was a pretty great weekend. The fact that one of them was really cool, and the other one was fun for entirely different reasons was pretty special as well.


Christmas with the bugs

Saturday morning I woke up with a fever and a horrible rumbling in my tumbling. When Char woke up a couple hours later, she had similar symptoms. We were both out of it for most of the day, and my parents had to come over to help us out for a little while while we recovered.

Monday night on our way back from Chatham, Kaylin was the next to fall to the bug, and we’ve spent the last couple of days battling the bugs.

It came on suddenly, neither of us felt bad on Friday night, but by Saturday we were lethargic, and mostly out of it. Sunday was a little better, although we still had stomach problems.

Monday Charlene said she was pretty much recovered. After sleeping for about 20 hours, I felt a lot better, but I had some serious acid reflux and a load of gas. We got through dinner with Char’s parents and I started feeling worse. Kaylin was complaining about her belly (although it sounded more like “beddy”), and after the marathon gift opening session, we headed home to London from Chatham. About 30 minutes outside of Chatham, Kaylin vomited in the car. Char was driving, so I tried to catch, and almost lost my cookies too (I was already feeling woozy). We pulled over and got her cleaned up as best we could, and got her home.

The poor little bean had a fever for Christmas day and was pretty lethargic. She got up around 8, opened a couple of gifts, but left most of them under the tree and then had a four hour nap!

When she got up (in much better spirits), we took her over to my folks’ place for Christmas there. I still felt lousy and didn’t eat much (side benefit of being sick over the holidays is that it’s its own built in weight control plan).

Then it was more presents. Kaylin was so adorable. She was kind of tired of opening gifts (she didn’t open all of her gifts until mid-Boxing Day). At one point when she turned around and saw four gifts on the floor ready for her to open she said “Are you joking me?” totally clearly. She had the room in stitches.

We got her home late and she got to bed. Today she was much better, though still a little out of sorts, and after her nap she was golden.

It sucks being sick any time of the year, but it sucks even more over the holidays.


‘Member Bee?

Ever since we took Kaylin to the Western Fair back in September, she’s asked the same question of us every day. “Member Bee?” She’ll say, and then go into a tirade about how the bees went “wound and wound”, and how the Ladybugs went “too faster”, and how the man in the cage was carried by the monkey. Tonight however when she was asking ‘Member Bee? She was also asking about the bee who flew and carried the honey. Thank you Barry Bee Benson.

Ryan and I took our girls (Paige for him, Kaylin with me) to see The Bee Movie today. It was the first movie since “Stars and Strollers” for both of our girls, and they surprised us by sitting still for pretty much the whole flick…even during the agonizing last half hour which just dragged far too long.

We got to the theatre first and went looking for Ryan and Paige. Kaylin and I entered the theatre, and the look on her face when she saw the massive screen was priceless. Her eyes widened and she was amazed.

We went back into the lobby, found Ryan and Paige, got some snacks, and entered the theatre as the trailer for The Golden Compass started. Now I’ve got to say as an adult it looks awesome, but it’s full of action and massive bears attacking one another…a little overwhelming for a toddler.

The theatre was dark, and Kaylin was overwhelmed. She stood still and made this awful little mewling sound. My hands were full with snacks and a booster seat, so I had to grab an usher to help us out a little bit.

Once in her seat though, she was happy as the bee’s knees. She sat in the chair mesmerized, and barely looked at the spoon that I was using to feed her ice cream.

She was such a great kid. About 20 minutes into the flick I got tired of leaning down to hear what she was saying, and I plunked her on my lap, where she sat for almost the next hour.

Both she and Paige had a great time, and I have to admit it was a lot of fun for me too. The movie wasn’t great, but just the fact that I know I can take her out to a movie and she’ll be good means that we’ve got another “daddy/daughter” thing that we can do to get away.

And that is sweeter than all of the honey in the world!