The best movies of 2008

(Updated to include The Wrestler and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) – Continuing my Best of 2008 series, we have the Best Movies of 2008.  It was a really good year for movies this year with some of my favourites not even truly being 2008 films.  Gone Baby Gone, Juno, and No Country for… Continue reading The best movies of 2008

Stupid Hollywood excuses

Last year when Halo 3 came out and sold more than $300 million dollars worth of copies in 7 days, Hollywood trades blamed it as the reason that Ben Stiller’s movie “The Heartbreak Kid” made less than $14 million opening weekend. Halo 3 drained gamers’ everywhere will to see the movie. This week GTA IV… Continue reading Stupid Hollywood excuses

Movie Review: Iron Man

Iron Man, he’s a B level comic book super-hero.  He’s best known for being one of the founding Avengers, being rich beyond most people’s dreams, and for a groundbreaking storyline where he battled alchoholism. John Favreau has never done an action movie before.  He’s the guy who brought us Swingers (which he wrote, but didn’t… Continue reading Movie Review: Iron Man

How can studios be so dumb?

I read this morning that studios are dissapointed with B.O. takes. Meanwhile they release The Matrix in nearly 4000 theatres. There was a time where you couldn’t get tickets to opening week of new movie (never mind opening night) and the studios knew that, so they counter-programmed. You might not go see The Matrix, so… Continue reading How can studios be so dumb?