The best five bucks you’ll spend?

Last night I downloaded the new Nine Inch Nails album “Ghosts” directly from the NIN website. You have several choices of format to choose from, including lossless Apple and FLAK formats for $10.00. For $5.00 you get all 36 tracks in 320kbps DRM Free MP3 format. Five bucks for 36 tracks! That’s nuts. I’ve only … Read more


Stupid STUPID RIAA My god…how dumb can they get? If the RIAA just slashed their budget for lawyers, and put that cashish into something useful like, ohhh, I dunno, R&D into new products, maybe they wouldn’t be in such trouble. Consider that the CD came out in the early 80’s, and there has been no … Read more

File swapping tools are legal!

File swapping tools are legal! The movie and music industry has been attacking Kaazaa and other peer to peer networking companies for a couple of years now, the record industry in particular is claiming peer-to-peer networks are to blame for the incredible down turn in music sales. Here’s a newsflash for the record industry. Your … Read more