New Comics Preview for December 2010

Let Me In
Dark Horse Comics Let Me In

Here’s a little peek at what’s shipping in December from publishers big and small. As always, make sure you get your pre-orders in to All New Comics as soon as possible to ensure you get everything you’re looking for.

DC Comics: The Batman Hush – Unwrapped Deluxe Edition HC presents all 320 pages of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s awesome Hush story featuring Lee’s artwork in pencil form. If you’re a fan of art, this is a book for you, $39.99.

There are a pair of slighly off the wall Green Lantern specials this holiday season with both the Green Lantern Larfleeze Christmas Special, and Green Lantern Plastic Man Weapons of Mass Deception.

Marvel – There’s a brand new Heroes for Hire group in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine, the Best There Is, a brand new series starring everyone’s favourite Canucklehead. There’s three more Chaos War one-shots this month with the all new Chaos War X-Men, Chaos War Ares, and Chaos War God Squad stories telling the tale of Marvel’s pantheon going rogue.

Finally, for those looking for a good workout, check out Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus HC, 1192 mortal crushing pages of Simonson greatness, including Frog Thor! $125.00

Dark Horse: Let Me In: Crossroads, a prequel to the film of the same name. The new Conan series is called Conan: Road of Kings.

Image – There’s a new underwater superhero from Image in MarineMan, while The Art of Todd McFarlane The Devil’s In the Details HC, it’s 300 pages of McFarlane art for $64.99. This will be limited to only 5000 copies, so make sure you pre-order this one.

Other Publishers: Stan Lee’s Boom Studios superhero universe continues with Stan Lee’s Starborn, The Lady Death revival gets underway with an all new Lady Death #0, 90’s independant superhero darlings Next Men get a new lease on life from IDW with the all new John Byrne’s Next Men series, and Green Hornet’s revival continues to be collected with Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet V2 144 page HC from Dynamite collecting issues #6-10.

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