How I switched to WordPress

The WordPress 2.3 interfaceI’m still working my way through a ton of small issues with my new site, but I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far, and where I am right now compared to where the site was a couple of weeks ago. At this point I’m done with the small fiddles and I’m actually creating content in WordPress quite happily!

It’s taken me the better part of a month to get to where I am right now. I’ve imported nearly eight years of content from two separate publishing tools, creating and modifying categories and content types over from the previous systems. I’m also in the process of importing nearly 600 comments from the past three years (via the old HeadsDown Chronicology powered blog).

Comics Internet

What I’m working on – The web edition

All New Comics Version 3I’m working on a ton of cool stuff at work (as always) including a totally revamped search engine, a new version of our Vendor site, and a new sales process, but at home I’m working on a couple of web projects as well.

One of them you’re reading right now, Radical Hive is progressing, although not quite as quickly as I’d hope. I’m also building out a brand new Version 3 of All New Comics which I would like to go online with by the end of the month.


Welcome to the HiveMind

Radical HiveDo not adjust your TV set. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. This is indeed the Hive. What you are about to witness may once have been called Chronicology, but now it is the Radical Hive. Where once there was Brian Garside, now there is only the HiveMaster.

This idea is a few months in the making, but it was always on the back burner, now the time feels right to make the move and turn this into my new home.

About Me

The End of an Era

I’ve decided to kill off “Tales from the Darkside” as a blog. It will still live on as a weekly wrestling column, but the blog itself is going to undergo a dramatic metamorphasis.I’ve been (pardon the pun) wrestling with this big idea now for a few months, which will involve an entire “re-branding” of my stuff.

HeadsDown is slowly evolving into a real business, and it’s probably inappropriate for me to store my personal stuff on the site, so it’s time for me to step up, buy a new domain, and move stuff over to it.

Additionally, Tales from the Darkside has kind of become my “brand” for my wrestling stuff, and I don’t want to confuse the two sites anymore (it’s very hard to put two links into my columns, one for “Tales from the Darkside” archives, and one for “Tales from the Darkside…the website”.

So the big question is, what next? Do I get a vanity URL? Do I go out and buy my own name like my friend Ryan did? Do I buy my own URL?

I have a couple of cool ideas for “brands” of my own, one of them hit me like the proverbial bolt out of the blue today, and makes a lot of sense.

What’s next? Keep watching, to borrow the tagline that was on HeadsDown for over a year, “Change is coming”.