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Welcome to the dollhouse

The cast of DollhouseJoss Whedon is back on TV this January…and once again on Fox.  The show is called “Dollhouse“, and it looks kind like the typical Joss Whedon premise.

JJ Abrams has a new show called Fringe coming in the fall that looks pretty cool too.  With Lost and BattleStar Galactica only a season away from ending, I hope something cool comes out soon.

I’m afraid that the same thing will happen to these shows that always happens to anything interesting.  Tim Minnear’s “The Inside” is a perfect example, an incredibly brilliant show that just never found an audience. Continue Reading

The best show on TV: Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Season 4As much as I enjoy Heroes and Lost, my favourite show on TV right now is Battlestar Galactica. It returns to TV on Friday night with the season premiere. Battlestar Galactica is not only great Science Fiction, it’s just great television.

It’s the first series since Buffy and Angel went off the air where I really got invested in the characters, and it’s got more twists and turns than Lost and Heroes combined.

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Buffy, the best show on TV

So last night I was doing a quick search for last week’s episode of Buffy because I missed the first half hour of it (thanks goes out to YTV for their incredibly consistent schedule…please note the sarcasm there), and I somehow screwed up taping stuff last Tuesday. I ended up finding it, and as I was searching, I kept on seeing a listing for 6×19…this week’s episode. It said it was a “wild feed” caught off satelite, so I grabbed it and just finished watching it.

Let me say, Buffy has now provided two of my favourite moments of TV this season. The first being the entire “Once More…With Feeling” musical episode, and the second being this episode where the entire season’s worth of plot-lines have finally gelled. It’s beginning to look as if all of the little bits and pieces that have been hinted at all season are about to be wrapped up, and what has been up until now both one of the most entertaining (musical episode, Buffy in an alternate universe where she’s in a sanitarium), and most mundane (Doublemeat Palace, and overall lack of direction of this season) has suddenly all made sense.

I once more vow that I shall never again complain about the great and powerful Joss Whedon and his vision for this series. He knows all, sees all, and kicks some serious ass.