Kimbo vs Big Country – Round by Round

Kimbo vs Big Country
Kimbo vs Big Country

I’ve been pretty jazzed about tonight’s “Ultimate Fighter” ever since last week’s show.  The entire season has been built around Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, even though he’s hardly the strongest fighter on the series.  He’s definately the most marketable.  The favourite to win right now is Roy “Big Country” Nelson, so of course when Rashad Evans got control of the matchmaking, he put his man Nelson up against Rampage Jackson’s Kimbo.

It’s with that in mind that I asked Kaylin what her pick was.

“Hmmm, I think Kimbo will win. Is that hug fighting daddy?” – yes darling, it is indeed the hug fighting.

So with Kimbo as the household favourite, I thought I’d set out to do a round-by-round blow-by-blow report ala my old wrestling reports.

To quote Mike Goldberg. And…here…we…GO!

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Montreal is Affliction crazy!

George St. Pierre wins the undisputed welterweight titleI’m not sure what I’ll remember more, the crowd which was so loud that my ears are still ringing today…or the fact that I have now seen 20,000 Affliction t-shirts and never want to see one again.

The show was amazing, George won, Serra was dominated, and the crowd went wild. The UFC has never experienced a Canadian crowd before, but one of the main reasons that WWE does so many of their PPV events up in Canada is because of how incredible the crowds are on TV.

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How to stack a division in one night

UFC 81Something I posted on Tha O Show after being incredibly annoyed by an ill researched article. Saturday night’s UFC 81 saw a co-main event which consisted of Rookie Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir, and Tim Sylvia vs former Pride superstar Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Going in you had two former heavyweight champions who had not impressed anybody in several fights, one totally untested name, and the final piece of the “Pride as myth” legend. Before these fights the division looked pretty thin with only a couple of bright spots. After the fights, there are four legitimate contenders to the throne.

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UFC 52: An Amazing Show

It’s a sport that combines the tradition and respect of martial arts with the strategy and explosive excitement of boxing. It’s a sport, which has taken its cues from professional wrestling and created stars out of its fighters. Most importantly, it’s a sport on the cusp of mainstream acceptance. It is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, … Read more