The Belly Off plan (part 2)

About a year ago I set off on my Belly Off Plan…unfortunately what I didn’t know then was that having 2 kids is like 1000000000 times tougher than just one. Seriously, who knew? Plus I started a massive project that’s taken about a sixteen months to complete from the time I started really getting into … Read more

Belly Off Plan Part One: The ugly truth

About a month ago I got on a scale and made a horrible discovery, I am now nearly fifty pounds heavier than I was when I got married. This is the latest in a series of increasingly horrifying discoveries. My knees hurt a little, my hands ache a lot, my back is often sore, I get winded when I go up a few flights of stairs, and the mere thought of having to run anywhere gives me cold shivers.

I joined a gym about two weeks ago, but I haven’t been motivated to go yet. I usually figure out a workout plan, get it all down on paper, and then start working out. It worked really well in the very beginning (around the wedding time back in 2001), but my follow up attempts at it have failed. Since 2001 I’ve belonged to four different gyms, and the best results I ever saw was when I first started at Good Life, and when I started going to the Premiere gym on Kennedy doing my little home-made workout that I researched.

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