Darkside’s back! How I started loving pro wrestling again

Darkside's Back Baby!

There was a time, where I was kind of a big deal.

I’ve loved wrestling my whole life, it’s been a close one/two between wrestling in comics. My buddy Ryan once walked into my bedroom in college where I had wrestling playing on TV, and I was drawing comics. He said “Dude, you are living your 12 year old self’s dream life!”.

In 1997, I set up a wrestling website on TSN.ca to provide coverage for TSN’s professional wrestling programming. I covered WWF and WCW, occasionally ECW and some independent promotions. As our audience continued to build, I started getting footage from WWF’s developmental group, and I got to follow the earliest appearances by guys like John Cena, Dave Bautista, Shelton Benjamin, and a young man named “Brock Lesnar”.

At one point, my columns were read by over a million people a month.

I was a guest on The LAW, Live Audio Wrestling many times, and I met a young lady named Trish Stratus on that show.

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So long Edge

Adam Copeland a.k.a. Edge
Adam Copeland a.k.a. Edge

This week one of the guys that I’ve followed since the very beginning of his career retired from professional wrestling, and in a lot of ways it kind of closed the chapter on a period of my life. WWE’s Edge has retired from active duty as a WWE wrestler after an amazing 14 year career.

There was a time where I was TSN.ca’s defacto wrestling guy, and my columns “Tales from the Darkside” regularly brought in a couple hundred thousand page views.

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BretHart.com is CRAPTASTIC!

BretHart.com is CRAPTASTIC! Wow. The new Bret Hart.com redesign is just as craptastic as the old design…just even more craptacular. You would think that the site would be semi-decent, I could throw a dart and hit a half dozen fanatical web freaks who would LOVE to build the guy a site (hell, I could toss … Read more

An eventful weekend!

I got a lot done this weekend, in addition to working on the big idea that Ryan and I are working on, I managed to get a little bit of re-design for HeadsDown done, and managed to figure out a layout, content schematic, and roughly work on the style sheet. With a little persistance, I … Read more

Putting the debate to rest

It’s come to my attention that Jeff is STILL debating the fact that his team didn’t win the award for “most jobbers” in this year’s Royal Rumble. I thought it best to break down Jeff’s Team in order for him to see that it was a pretty frickin’ decent bunch of guys (oh, and Jeff … Read more

I’m number 95!

I’m number 95! I was named to 411Wrestling.com’s 100 most influential wrestling writers list, and I’m number 95! My TSN.ca/Wrestling co-writer Josh Shiaman was named number 60 on the list. Doesn’t mean a whole lot, I mean I’m not going to get a raise for it or anything, but it’s pretty cool anyway!

The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is by far my favourite WWE PPV of the year, I love the whole concept of the Rumble. For the last couple of years, my friends and I have got together and made a few bets on the outcome. We all throw in five bucks, and draw numbers from a hat, the … Read more

Still confused.

This week I picked up my new motherboard, a KT3 Ultra. I’ve been basing everything on buying the MSI K7T266a, because I didn’t think I’d be able to find the KT3 at retail for another few months since it was only officially released at the end of February. However, on Friday before Axxess, I popped … Read more

Royal Rumble Pool winner

The Royal Rumble Pool was a ton of fun, but it didn’t exactly turn out as I had hoped. Why not? Take a look at the much vaunted “Team Darkside”, and then compare it to that of my competitors. The winner: Benson’s Brigade (along with the order in which the wrestler emerged): 2 – Goldust … Read more

Royal Rumble Pool

Thirty men enter. One man leaves. Here are the official Royal Rumble Pool Rules: Thirty numbers will be placed in a recepticle (be it hat, or popcorn bucket), and each person will take a turn drawing a number until all numbers are taken. The number will represent the wrestler who arrives in the ring in … Read more