The best game of 2008

The Games of 2008
The Games of 2008

I’ll be doing some “Best of” lists over the holidays as I do every year when I look back on the year that was, best comic, best website, best gadget, and best movie are still to come, but this one is an absolute no-brainer.  The best game for 2008 in my opinion totally ran away with it.

Let’s look at a few stats.

  • It’s the only game that I’ve played OVER 80 hours on.
  • It’s the only game that I continued to play regularly 10 months later
  • It’s the only game that I’ve bought for both systems
  • It’s the only game that had totally game-changing downloadable content.

The game of the year is…

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Game Review: Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Yeah, that's a freaking Rancor!
Yeah, that is a freakin' Rancor!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed as a game is a good, but not great game.  Star Wars the Force Unleashed as a cannonical movie is incredible.  The gameplay at times is fantastic, but at times so broken and repetitive that it’s almost not worth playing through another level to get to the cutscene and story.

Almost not worth playing, fortunately for the Force Unleashed, the story that is told in the game is so good, that slogging through another impossible task is worth it.

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Initial Thoughts: GTA IV

GTA IV artworkGTA IV is out, I picked mine up on Tuesday, but didn’t get to play it right away. I’ve got a ton of stuff on the go this week, but I decided to make some time to play it anyway Wednesday night.

This is the first new GTA game for the current generation of consoles, and appropriately it’s named GTA IV rather than GTA subtitle here (for those not in the know, GTA 3 was the first GTA game for the revolutionary PS2 / Xbox generation last time).  It currently has the highest ratings for any game that I’ve ever seen with pretty much unanimous praise.

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What I played, Q1 2008

The best games from the beginning of 2008Since the first three months of 2008 are almost over, I thought I’d go over the games I played this quarter, what got the most of my time, what I liked, what I didn’t, and what rocked my world (pun intended).

Here’s the brief list of the games I played in the first 3 months of 2008: The Darkness, Rock Band, The Orange Box, Burnout Paradise, Halo 3, Marble Blast Ultra, Beautiful Katamari.

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Rock Band: Better with a group

Rock BandI’ve been playing Rock Band off and on since Christmas, and other than one night with the guys, we usually play just Char and I. We have a great little two person band ala The White Stripes going on we’re known as “Chip and the Dips”. The two of us have fun together rocking out (Char on drums, me on guitar), but yesterday during our team building session, I experienced Rock Band as it was really meant to be played.

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