Okay, I’ve been incommunicado this weekend, but I have great news. First off, it didn’t cost anything for the repairs to Timmy, and the mechanic said that the problem might not ever come back again. The bad news is that he keeps on steaming while I’m driving. I’m not positive what it is, but it’s really troubling. I wish I had a mechanic in town that I could really trust.

We went to Nikki and Tim’s engagement party on Saturday night, and it was a real blast. Tim’s dad had a huge bottle of Rye whiskey that was from 1972, it kicked some serious ass. Oh yeah, I’m the grand Koits champion, having bested all of the other teams with the aid of my partner April. We kicked serious ice. (I managed to score four ringers in one game, no back-to-back ringers like Tiffany did, but I did nail a ringer in each of three rounds, and managed to finish the final game off with a ringer for the win). I’ve never played before, but it’s a lot like Horse Shoes which I do so love.

One final piece of good news, a little problem that’s been vexing me for a month or two with my home connection has finally been fixed, and I can post blog stuff, and use web forms with imputiny. It’s awesome.

Less than 3 months till the big day. Speaking of which, I’ve opened the Wedding Blog. The wedding site should be done by the end of the week.