Just got back from a matinee, and I have to say that Spider-Man was the best comic book related movie released to date…yes even better than Superman (which until now was my fave).

I know some “purists” hate the organic web shooters, but I loved them. I also thought Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin was right on, but my favourite little bits were parts thrown in just for comic fans.

Stan Lee’s cameo, the mention of Doc Connor, and the small store in the village with the sign in door that says “Black Magic” with the pentagram on the front window. Very cool stuff indeed.

I’d still like to know how Peter sewed his Spider-Man costume.

A concerned Aunt May: “Peter, what are you doing down there dear?”


Peter: “Nothing Aunt May, just mending some pants. Don’t come down, I’m not dressed.”

Aunt May: “Teenager’s today, who knew that sewing would be so fascinating.”