I just wrote a sweet Blog post about how I’m going to Blog more often because it only takes 10 minutes, I got side tracked reading an article on C-Net, and then I accidentally hit the back button on this browser and lost my post.

Anyway, I was saying that I’m working on a couple of tools, HeadLines, a news posting tool (much like Blogger, but written in Perl, and with a voting system and a commenting system built in). I’m also working on a poll system, and a better message board system. I’ll probably bundle all of the tools together, and create some sort of system where I can turn one off and another on.

I’m also looking into building a tool that will create XML files rather than traditional HTML files, which I’d be able to re-purpose into some of my Flash stuff that I’m working on.

This was a fun weekend. We didn’t do a whole lot, other than have a barbeque on Friday night, go suit shopping on Saturday (I got a new suit, two sweet shirts, and a new tie for under $400.00, which was a great deal…major league sales on right now), rent a couple of movies (I rented The Princess and the Warrior on Thursday night, and we rented The Man who Wasn’t There on Saturday). We went to Paul and Leah’s on Sunday to see their new baby, and lazed around the house today, before playing Baseball tonight (we lost in case you haven’t visited the Stinky Monkeys site).

That’s my biggies for right now. If all this goes as planned, I’ll start positioning HeadsDown as a legitimate internet service provider in the next few months…because god only knows how long BCE will be around in this financial enviornment.

Quick “Best of” list:

Album du jour: Eminem: The Eminem Show. Solid album, better than Marshall Mathers, some awesome songs including “Cleaning out my Closet”, and of course “Without Me”.

DVD of the Week:: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2. What a great season. Angel goes bad. Spike and Drusilla are awesome. Seth Green’s in it…what more could you want? I think I liked Season 3 slightly more, but I’m half way through Season 2 right now, and it’s awesome.

Game of the Week: Warcraft III, what can I say except…awesome!

Website of the Week: I’ve been checking out Ray of Light.net again. I love what some people can do with Flash.

Comic of the Week: Spider-Man/Black Cat, The Evil That Men Do (1 of 4): Kevin Smith, Terry Dodson, what more do you need? Great comic, awesome read, wicked art. A perfect blend of what makes a good comic book.